Memorex Blu-Ray Disc Player

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New Memorex Blu-Ray Disc Player, for $139.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Memorex MVBD2510 Blu-Ray DVD Player

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hmmm, $139 for blu-ray… who would have thunk it so soon.

Great deal but the need tpo update for blue ray latest makes me worry

Huh. Almost at a price point for me to consider getting one. I just wish the discs weren’t so goldarned expensive.

hell of a deal, check out the price from the company website

meh, already have 3 ps3s

Damn, no divX playback, eh?

im in for 1

Any Amazon reviews? Those tend to be the most useful, at least to me…

meh, if you’re going to spend this much on a player, you might as well buy a ps3 which is SO much better, and can do SO much more than just play blu-ray dvds

My dad bought a Memorex DVD player about 3 years ago, and a little over a year later it was skipping. Out of warranty of course. I wouldn’t risk it.

I didn’t know memorex made standalone players of any sort (they’re mostly into creating media and burners, as far as I know), so I can’t attest to whether it’s any good. However, if you’re planning on grabbing an HDTV on black friday, this might not be a bad compliment.

On that note, I always recommend that a person buy a PS3 for blu-ray instead just because it will support all future specs, unlike this one. Without the ability to go online, the memorex is already outdated… which makes it worthless for anyone looking for value in the long term.

Finally a cheap solution to getting blue ray without getting a playstation. Perhaps a good sign that these overpriced players are getting down to earth.

No Ethernet, No BD-Live, no go. Sorry Woot, this might be a good deal, but I need to have networking and Internet. Both of my HD-DVD players have built-in Ethernet.

just fork out the dough and get a ps3–than you get a blu-ray and get to play games.

Maybe with prices like this we’ll finally start to see the pricing come down on the titles. Right now you’re better off renting them.

no reviews

I would, but I abhor console games. So the price point for a console sort of rules that option out for me, at least for now. If I did play games, though, then I’d agree completely.