Memorex External USB2.0 52x32x52x CD-RW Drive



anyone say great external enclosure?


If only it was a dvd player… :frowning:


holy crap… a refurb CDRW :expressionless:


how fast would this burn if I only had usb 1.1?


These are SO old, aren’t they free by now??


yay. comes with burning software. lol


Unfortunately I cant put any more drives in my desktop. :frowning: There are already 3 HDDs and one CDROM and two HDDs that I cant hook up.


I am waiting for something that can convert my LPs to cassette.


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


Maybe if I jump in and post that I think this will last forever, it will sell really fast. :slight_smile:


does anyone have the website that updates every 20 seconds that tells you what percentage is left?


whats a good woot checker?


This would have been cool about 10 years ago! Change the CD to DVD and then we have a woot!
Bring me something i can use… Like a watch


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Memorex External USB2.0 52x32x52x CD-RW Drive
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Memorex 52x32x52 External USB 2.0 CDRW


Personally I was hoping one of these would come up cheap. Good deal for me.


as long as it’ll convert 78s i’m in!


I almost went for this until I reread it and it saw CD instead of DVD… kinda sucky for $24


I bet you could probably take the CD-RW drive out and use it as an external USB2.0 enclosure for hard drives etc.
What u reckon?