Memorex iFlip 7” iPod Portable Video Player



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Memorex iFlip 7" iPod Portable Video Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Memorex MI7001BLK iFlip 7" iPod Portable Video Player

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hmm…small video blown up to 7 inches… picture any good?


Wait, does it really only work with iPod standard? What about iPhone?


It doesn’t say “iPod not included”! Is the iPod included? j/k

Can I hack it to work with my 6th Gen?


Is the memory on this limited to the memory of your i-pod?


Does this come in white?


So this doesn’t work with the 2nd generation Nano?


only for ipod, no ipod here… and only 10 bucks less than froogle… not a big woot. :frowning: Friday woots should be the best!

and i missed out on an awesome shirt.woot deal… gah… sold out while ordering!


iFlip reviews are just “okay” on Amazon, from what I can tell.

There’s one on CNET that got a pretty good review as well.


If you can cram it in there.


Bought one of these new elsewhere ($120.00) and it was pretty nice, but the battery was DOA-never held a charge at all. Returned it for a refund and bought one that also palyed regular DVDs. Decent screen quality, not terribly big so it is quite portable, comes with inserts for different ipods.


This will be great for my office…cheap charger/player for my music.


This does not work with any of the latest iPods.

Does not work with Gen 3 Nano, or newer Classics or the iPod Touch.


looks good beats the competition by $5 after shipping.




The reviews on aren’t exactly raves.


meh… woot should always beat the competition by much more at 1 product a day. :stuck_out_tongue:


its like buying the pick before the guitar lol


above link identifies 5th generation ipod, which seems to be the only one this’ll work with (if you read the copy).