Memorex iFlip 7” iPod Portable Video Player

If this is just like the Sonic Impact, I highly recommend it. It looks the same.

Well, that was fast. XD Quick stock. Moving on~

Too bad there is a hardware fault with the 5th gens that causes them to stop outputting sound through any means whatsoever and Apple is replacing them with 6th gens.


Wootoff is over?

Edit: Sorry! During all of my refreshing the lovely orange lights didn’t load, hence the comment…

So someone in OK bought them all at 6am this morning?

It is a very nice and sturdy player. I’ve hooked it up with a 30Gb 5G iPod that I got refurbished from here, and handed it too my 2.5 year old for her movies, and she’s abused the hell out of it, and it just keeps going, for about 4-5 months now.
Of course, I know I just jinxed myself, but oh well… :slight_smile: