Memorex iFlip 7” iPod Portable Video Player

Where is my umbrella…ella…ella…

crap poop cheap looks good but next please


This is just retarded. I cant even buy anything I want because the servers are so slow.


I was watching the 6th sense on this and at the end when bruce willis was dead i jizzed in my pants

my woot off chrery just got popped. i need something good this wont help me

I want an umbrella

Very cool and a great price! Still don’t have the ipod to match!

A 7" video player for my mobile media device.

If you’re in for one of these, I’ve got 3 desktop locks for your ipod to sell you.

I just got my item from the last woot off in the mail yesterday ROFL and now a new woot off

I’d expect to get one of these in my BOC!

20ms response time and a 300:1 contrast ratio?

I think woot is being paid off by eye doctors on this one…

In case anyone doesn’t know - this will NOT work with a 3G nano - nothing other than Apple cables will work with them to get the video out… Good 'ol firmware updates!

yaaa woot off time rbd??

Seems terribly bulky…

cant they put up 1 good item for every 6 pieces of shit pls i am getting bored

Is this compatible with iPhony?

will this work with my fake ipod touch?

"I am an un-original person "

me too