Memorex Wi-Fi Connected Blu-ray Player



I bought this the last time Woot had it up. It’s freakin’ awesome!!


Is it Real or is it Memorex?

Pretty sure it’s Memorex.



Can I watch YouTube videos from this?


Anyone know how to make this an all-region player?


No Divx? No thanks!


Well the reviews for the MVBD2510 and MVBD2520 over on Amazon lead me to believe that this is not a very good brand. I could use another player but it will not be this one!


Does it have apps like all the other internet connected fancy-pants BluRay players out there?


The Manual:

The Website:

The End



might be nice, if I didn’t already have a superior $50 Patriot Box Office!


Ridiculous product category. Honestly, how much longer are people going to be “renting” DVDs and Blue Rays or buying them? How can it not be obvious to anyone with half a brain that streaming and downloading is obviously the way of the not very distant future.



Two reviews on the site suggest it cannot be used to watch Netfix or listen to Pandora. Anyone who owns one of these able to access these services using this unit?


$5 cheaper than the Feb 10 Previous Woot

Edit: I tried to be NightGhost and failed.


I bought the last memorex Bluray player on woot… I cannot get Netflix to work for the life of me…

though this is just through wireless I have not tried hard wired…

I would give the product c- in my opinion.


I bought one of these the last time they were offered on Woot. I love it! Devices like this make it easier and easier to say goodbye to paying high cable bills.
Please be advised there is a known issue with the updates. When you plug it in, it will try to update the unit to make it Blockbuster compatable. This cannot be done via wi-fi, and the update file must be downloaded from memorex’s website to a cd, then installed from cd. It’s very easy. (I wish I hadn’t wasted hours waiting for it to download.) Memorex is well aware of this issue.
I’m glad I didn’t spend a small fortune on a Blueray player a few years back. If you have Netflix, this will surely change the way you watch TV.


A newegg review says the composite output cuts off when accessing Netflix/Pandora. Anyone able to confirm or disprove this? I currently do not have a receiver that runs HDMI through it and don’t want to listen to the sound coming from only my TV.


I think the not-able-to-get-Netflix review on Newegg was specific to Canada only.


I’ve seen the review that says netflix won’t work over a composite connection. Does anyone know if it will work on a component connection? I’ve seen others say Netflix only works with HDMI on this player. Can’t find any information on the composite connection though.


Been looking for a blu-ray, but 1.5 stars on amazon? Not too tempting.


I got one back on 20110210 and it’s great. Once connected to the net the firmware update automatically downloads and fixes a lot of bugs. Netfilx has been great and bluray has been problem free. The best part is that the wireless networking is easy to set up and the integration with Netflix is seamless.