Memory Foam Bamboo Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Memory Foam Bamboo Orthopedic Seat Cushion

I don’t understand why one can only order this on a phone, or a tablet. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to purchase/order things via my computer, rather than my phone. Restricting access to only a phone app means I won’t be buying such things.

It’s kind of like banks offering a toaster if you opened an account. We’re encouraging people to use our app.

I usually use the app because it is initially more appealing to my lazy side, but I often wind up returning to the site when how insanely buggy it is wears me down and makes going through my browser the less effort-heavy choice.

It’s goes against my nature to be an audibly squeaky wheel, so I feel bad even writing this much, but you might have better luck encouraging app usage if the app itself didn’t seem so hell bent on discouraging us from using it :\

What do you find to be buggy? If you can give some specifics, I can pass it on to the team.

Off the top of my head, items from Shirt seem automatically to get added to the cart in multiples of two, if I mistakenly use the “back” button on my phone instead of the built-in one on the app, the whole thing freezes up and has to be closed, when going back and forth between the forum and others sections it’s more a question of “when” rather than “if” it crashes… oh, and posting to the forum with images is 50/50 using links (nearly 0% success rate uploading my own images).

Like I said, I tend to be really really squeamish about complaining, but I can try to report the hiccups as I encounter them… until this screen protector gives out, at least :sweat_smile: (good thing it came in a two-pack lol)

Thank you. Could you try removing the app and re-installing it?

Also, android or iOS?

My app-ordered butt cushion arrived today. My hiney thanks you very much, Woot.

I’ve already thought up 4 jokes, and I’m not even trying.

Yeah, butt are they funny to anybody butt you?

Who said that I find them funny?

You said “joke” That implies a funny thing to say that provokes amusement. But I can tell you’re all weirded out more than usual–have a nice evening pengy.

There’s white stuff coming down from the sky, and it’s getting everywhere.

I’m not liking it, as it’s cold, and will become a nuisance.

Android (Samsung Note9, Verizon, plus-sized version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I actually tried unistalling and reinstalling back a week or two ago, when I was trying to unlink from my Amazon account, but gave it a shot again yesterday, to see if it might let me upload a gif from my device (you know, just to make a liar out of me, as technology is wont to do lol), but no luck. Had to go the url route.

I’ll try to remember to send you guys a pestering message in the future whenever I gut app-buggered

Hi there. As to the forums, there is a problem uploading images from the app. Blargh. Might night be fixed for a a couple months or more. :frowning:

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