Memory Foam Mattress Topper (All Sizes)



Wouldn’t you know, I bought a topper in August. Sigh.


I have been wanting to pull the trigger on one of these for awhile now. How do these compare to the gel foam mix ones? I think this same company makes one like that at sams club.


Do you recommend this topper?


Why do they have weird patterns if it’s memory foam? I also have a feeling it’s 2"from yhe bottom to the top of the patern, which means it’s not really 2" of straight foam…right?


I don’t have this one.


Always wanted one of these things…
Anyone have a review for this?
Not sure how the funky pattern would work as well…


I had purchased one very similar to this from Kohls awhile ago, it wasn’t a solid 2" topper. It wasn’t comfortable to me and I took it back after a couple days.


It would appear the bottom side is flat, and from the pictures, it looks as if the 2" measures to the peaks and not the valleys. Portions of the pad look as if they’re not even 1" thick.


How much support/sinkage does this give? Are we talking gentle caress or sinking into an ocean of foamy blackness?


this appears to be the same product. Reviews say that it is actually the 2" even though claims 3"

[MOD: Not exactly the same. That’s a 7-zone pad.]


I have a 4-inch topper. I think 2 inch is not enough. The 4-inch topper really helps against back pain.
These toppers are all with the peaks and valleys, saves foam…
I just put the flat side up.


The peaks and valleys are for support. When I had back surgery in 1984, they sent me home with one of those mattresses. They are great for your back and all trigger points. If you don’t like sleeping on it that way, you can turn it over and sleep on the solid side.

But I agree that 2" is not enough. I think you need at least 4".


That’s based on the egg crate design of traditional foam mattress toppers. It allows air flow which keeps the sleeper cool. This company calls it their “Cool Effects technology” which increases airflow and ventilation. Such a feature is especially important in memory foam because they’re notorious for uncomfortably retaining heat.


Ah, you’re putting poor ThunderThighs in a difficult situation. Can she truly give a negative review when she’s an employee of Woot? It’s already amazing that Woot allows users to post negative comments and even links to lower prices and competing products. But an employee sabotaging sales? I don’t think there’s any official policy against it, but it’s dangerous territory!

Then again, the issue is moot (or is it Woot?) if ThunderThighs loved her purchase! :slight_smile:


Good answer! And very likely true! :slight_smile:

So do you think 2" is enough or should we wait for something thicker? My parents’ mattress is getting too soft but they’re too frugal to get a new one. I wonder if this is enough. GREAT price, regardless.



(sorry sdc100, couldn’t help it)

Anywho, found a link to some reviews of ZenBedrooms mattresses. One of them is a positive review of
the mattress topper.

However, another reviewer notes that he was emailed by ZenBedrooms and asked to write a review.


The swirly and groovy patterns look pretty but I can just imagine the field day bed bugs will have in that maze. Heck, my bed bugs will invite their bed bug friends over from neighboring apartments to frolic in my bed. Not to mention all the bed bug sex that results from the privacy offered by so many crevices.



No cal king?


Several manufacturers are making memory foam now and not all of them are the same.

The way to tell a good product from a bad one is to look at the one spec that seems to be missing from the write-up on this product. It’s called the density and is usually measured in pounds.

A 3 or 4 inch thick foam at 4 pound density is a good mattress top but we (so far) have no idea what the density of this 2" one is so that makes me stay far away from this offer.