Memory Foam Mattresses

Anybody out there own one of these? (crickets chirping)

Looking for a new bed and I’m leaning towards the new Gel memory foam matresses. Anyone know anything about these and how they compare? My main concerns are support (I prefer a firmer bed) coolness (I hate being hot when I’m trying to sleep). Thoughts?

Memory foam mattresses retain a lot of heat. I love mine, but in the Summer it can get quite warm as the heat builds up. I suggest you read this -

Personally, I haven’t tried using a mattress topper. I have a herniated disc and the mattress really helps alleviate it. I would suggest a medium-firmness mattress if you suffer from back pain. They have just enough give while providing support.

Here’s another helpful link (I just love the website name) -

How about the new Gel memory foam ones? Propaganda seems to suggest it’s a lot cooler.

I really wish I could find more reviews on these mattresses. Was going to order bed in a box, but this is half the price.

Sorry, haven’t tried the gel memory foam. I do have a gel microfiber pillow. It was too soft so I stopped using it, but it did stay cool when I did use it.

I recently purchased Macy’s house brand gel memory foam mattress. Wasn’t cheap, but I was sold on the cooling gel mixture that was supposed to make it cooler. That thing was so damn hot that I would roast at night. It also started to sag in the middle after a few weeks. I returned it and did the right thing and got a tempurpedic brand mattress. I had to spend a little more but it has been a dream. 6 months now and it still feels new, I dont have any issues with it getting warm and I live in Miami where it is year round summer.

Also, I have 3 herniated discs in my back and the Tempurpedic Cloud select was the perfect one for me. Just the right amount of softness and not too pricey at around $1700. It might seem expensive but when you break down the cost that you’ll be sleeping on it for 15-20 years it isn’t that big of a deal.

i have a 2" gel foam topper, and i really like it. it’s not as hot as a regular memory foam. it’s about on par with a regular mattress. also slightly firmer than regular foam, but that could also be because i went for the 5.4lb density foam instead of 4lb. this mattress will be good, unless you are even a bit overweight. it will form a divot.

I ordered a memory foam from Woot a couple of years ago and it is not hot. It is very firm and I do not know the brand. It also came with two pillows that are also very firm but really make me sleep well.

I havent owned one, but from laying on them in the mattress store, I couldnt tell a difference between a gel mattress and a similarly priced regular memory foam (and Im talking upper end stuff). The sales guy made outlandish claims, but I just wasnt feeling. I have used both a gel memory foam pillow, and a regular one, and the gel one is equally as warm.

I found one review for what seems to be the 12" mattress sold here:

And three for the 8" version from the same manufacturer:

All the reviews of this brand seem to be positive. They also make air mattresses with memory foam tops (?!?), mattress toppers, and pillows. All are reviewed well on Amazon.

what’s the timeline for shipping on these mattresses?

If you look below the price on a sale’s detail page, you’ll see time to ship out. This says:

In Stock. Ships in 3-5 business days

That’s when it leaves the warehouse. You’ll see an estimated time for arrival during check out.

I bought one from Woot a few years ago. It arrived rolled up super tight and I thought it would be of poor quality but it has turned out to be very nice. I have been enjoying it ever since. It Does get a bit hot in the summer but I bought some sheets that help with that. Oh yeah forget to say it is the 10 inch model.

Im really hoping that Woot gets some more of these…My wife and I need to buy a california king mattress soon. We purchased this in a queen last year and it is absolutely amazing. I would even consider buying two additional full sized beds for my kids.