Memory Foam Toppers: Top it Like its Hot



Anybody know what is the density of this memory foam?


Can someone provide some gentle, soothing pillow talk and provide any experience or information on the Gel Foam Pillow?


I wanna know, but honestly I’m willing to go in for 2 as is. I need a new pillow… and 2 would be comfy…


YMMV, but I found these to be HOT, HOT, HOT (with no apologies to Woot’s copy writers)–as in really uncomfortably warm. They’re very comfy otherwise. For more money, I went with these a few months ago and love 'em:


I agree… i find my self waking up in the middle of the night thinking someone has lit a fire under my back.

I got mine a “ComforZen GelFuse Gel Memory Foam 2.5” Mattress Topper 4lbs density" at Sams club king size was $130.


I hate to be a party pooper, but I feel like this is a better deal AND it has holes for ventilation.


I have a question. I’m looking to get foam toppers for our camper. To save $$, we were going to buy a queen size, cut it in half and cover two bunks. Can I cut a memory gel foam pad? Is it foam or is it gel?


The gel is a solid rubbery substance that’s mixed with the foam. It’s not going to leak out if you cut it.


So if I get one of these pillows, I won’t need to sleep with a stocking cap in the winter? Is that what you’re saying? I can sleep through just about anything, unless my head gets cold.


My mattress is about 12 years old. It does sag in where I normally sleep, would something like this be worth it, or should I just buy a whole new mattress?


I’ve been looking to get a new mattress and is wondering if these memory foam toppers (in general) are suitable as a “replacement”? or should I invest in a new mattress? The one I’ve had is about 10 years old and was fairly cheap. I’ve been wanting to get something new

edit: sorry I didn’t see the post before mine :confused:


If you are not getting proper support, get a new mattress. The topper will just sink where your mattress already does.


try flipping your mattress over. Now the sunken area where you used to sleep is now a hilltop!


I honestly can’t imagine your head getting cold while sleeping on one of these–at least the side that’s actually on the pillow! :slight_smile:


I have one of the contour pillows and was having wicked neck stiffness and pain (though that was nothing new from my old pillow too). I went to my chiro and he asked about my sleep…bed, pillow etc. and he said the bump actually pushes your neck out of alignment and can put pressure on the muscles, especially if you already have tension issues. He told me to flip it over to the flat side and use the lower edge (or higher edge if you are a wide of shoulder).

It made a HUGE difference and now it is my favorite pillow. I can feel that my head rests slightly inside the indent through the back of the pillow which sort of cradles my head and neck rather than pushing against my neck like the bump did.


After looking at what’s available at Overstock, I don’t think this seems like a good deal at all.


I ordered these on the 12th. Usually Woot’s got my stuff ready to go in 2 or 3 days. But all of my recent orders are “awaiting shipping”. Is it just me with the product? Or is someone else having this difficulty?


It usually takes up to 5 business days to start shipping orders. If you’re concerned with the status of your order(s) please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at and they’ll be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


I’m experiencing the same thing. Over the last six months or so, things have really slowed down at Woot. It used to be such a pleasant experience purchasing from them, but without an option to upgrade shipping and then having to wait six days without processing/shipping, it has become more of an burden than anything. Gone are the days of quality products and service.