Men's and Women's Vibram FiveFingers

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Men’s and Women’s Vibram FiveFingers
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Check out the product page for the men’s KMD sport and the women’s KMD sport


Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the women’s KMD sport over at

Damnit Sport.Woot! Why do you have to tease me, like that. You know I have a weakness for Vibram Five Fingers.

A personal note on sizing: my longest foot measures 10½" and the very first pair I bought was a men’s KMD Sport (non-LS) in size 41. They’re supposed to fit like a glove, but my big toe pushed so hard against the end of the big toe pocket that, as much as I wanted them to work out, I just couldn’t live with them so I returned them for 42’s. I called Vibram and as soon as I told the rep my longest foot was 10½", and before I could say any more, he very quickly said “then you’ll want a size 42”. He said " your going to want a ‘little’ room for comfort" and went on to say that if I could stand the 41’s they would stretch some, but not generally in length. I now own 35 pair (I know, I’m crazy … but that’s quite alright), at least one of every style except for their water shoes, and EVERY PAIR is size 42 and they all fit great. I know every foot is different, some have long second toes and others have high arches, etc., but length is all that matters when it comes to sizing. Don’t know if my experience will be helpful to anyone but, for what it’s worth …

Side note: I bought every pair during the period covered by the class action lawsuit, and all but a few were purchased at a heavily discounted price! So who’s crazy now? I know … still me!

As long as you aren’t miffed by that class action lawsuit, this is a pretty nice price on these shoes… I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this cheap, even on the clearance/used rack…

Just don’t expect them to be a whiz-bang cure-all for whatever ails you, be smart, and ease into them… they are a nice way to change things up for your feet!

No guarantees that they won’t freak/gross people out everywhere you go though…

Great. If I had unlimited funds, I too would have 35 pairs. I love these. I don’t have a lace-up pair yet…

You get my hopes up, Woot, then don’t have 47s. Tragic.

I can use the money from the class action to buy more Vibrams! Huzzah!

These are a great conversation starter and I LOVE how comfortable they are.

I find that I need to go up one size for the KMDs.

I wear Merrell Vapor Gloves more often now, though. I like to wear socks for runs over 5K. Too many big toe blisters with the FFs.

The Merrells are also zero-rise minimalist shoes with a Vibram sole, but minus the articulated toes.

I still prefer the feel of the FFs and no socks, though.

I have owned 3 pairs of these. The first pair I bought were the cheapest ones. They fit OK, but after a while started to stink no matter how much I washed them and the threads came loose after 4 months.

I did like the minimalist feel and decided to get a more expensive pair. These were alright up until they started to smell (even after washing them) and my pinky toe was always getting a chafed. I ditches this pair after 6 months.

My 3rd pair was good for a couple of months, but by then I was getting terrible shin splints while running in them. I decided to rest up and buy a pair of nike free run 5.0. I haven’t had running injuries since.

Although the concept is good, and I did enjoy running in them, they only last at the most 6 months.

Love these! Been wearing the KMS LS for 2 years now. I go one size up from my measured size so I can wear the toe socks with them in winter. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had!

I got some Vibram Bikala shoes a year back, and I really like walking and jogging in them.

They’re not the miracle cure for all that ails you that they may have made them out to be when they were first being promoted, but they’re comfortable shoes. They are closest thing I’ve felt to being barefoot and still having some modicum of protection on my feets.

If you’re a heel striker, you’re not going to find them comfortable. If you’re a toe striker like me, it’ll be a good fit.

People still want to buy these things?

I have had a couple pairs and really like them as a sandal substitute. Running in them is not recommended unless you are willing to put in the time/effort to get used to them. That said, they are great for weights, water activities, and other non-running activities.

Just make sure you get the right size!

Make sure you get some money back from the settlement if you’ve bought these prior to the 27th of May!

I have 2 pairs of Vibrams - Bikila LS and Spyridon. They’re both great. The only thing I didn’t like was the odor issue. My simple solution was buying a few pairs of Injinji socks (lightweight toe socks). It helped greatly with the odor! Also, there was a couple places where my foot chaffed funny and those socks removed that. The socks are lightweight, so they don’t add very much as far as fit goes. You may have to walk around a bit after you put the socks & Vibrams on so that the socks can adjust 100% to your foot.

I have a few pairs of FiveFingers myself that would qualify, but I think the lawsuit is pretty silly. I wouldn’t feel right about joining it.

If you are already a conditioned runner, sure. If not, you are going to be in pain if you jump off the couch and try to run 3 miles no matter what shoes you wear.

I own two pairs and rarely wear anything else. I bought the second pair after the soles on the first one started to wear through (about a year).

The only problem with them is they don’t provide enough protection in rugged areas. I accidentally stepped on a cactus and the needles went straight through the sole into my foot. It also hurts a bit if I accidentally step on a rock. I wouldn’t give them up, though, even with those flaws.