Men's Invicta Specialty Skeleton Watches

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Men’s Invicta Specialty Skeleton Watches
Price: $134.99
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The 14555 is on Amazon for $197.70

and it’s a different model than being offered here.

I love skeleton watches and usually buy a good percentage of all the skeletons you feature here. This one is a beautiful watch, “BUT SAM, YOU MADE THE PANTS TOO LONG!!” This watch is exactly two inches in diameter and more than a half inch thick. And that huge crown adds another 1/4 inch to the diameter. The size may be very appropriate for the Incredible Hulk but for us regular guys it may be just a bit on the large size.

By the way, I bought the last BIG Invicta you featured here about a month ago…and that is a beautiful but very big watch! Why are they making them so big?

Seems like these are available all over the web for the Woot price +/- a small delta. Can’t find anyone who is actually trying to sell these for $1500.00.

you won’t

reminds me of white vans.

How good is the movement in these watches? 17 jewels of the 36000?
Anyone know for sure what the reserve run time is?

first it is chinese “automatic” movement. I don’t see the flywheel so how does the chinese make it automatic? hmmm… yin/yang thingy?

definitely a manual wind!

I can’t tell if this is the Seagull 3600K with less than 17 even though it calls out 17? SY3600 or ST3600.

It’s basically the same watch. The Woot one’s are gold… FOR LESS MONEY!


Hey all,

The watch has 17 jewels:
Impulse jewel (single jewel)
Balance staff pivot bearings (two pair)
Escape lever pallets (one pair)
Escape lever pivot bearings (one pair)
Escape wheel pivot bearings (one pair)
Fourth wheel pivot bearings (one pair)
Third wheel pivot bearings (one pair)
Center wheel pivot bearings (one pair)

It’s the 3600K, which is based on (cloned from) the Unitas 6497. Here’s a link to a Seagull watch using the same movement, citing it as 17J.

I still don’t know if the list price of the Invicta watches is just a very bad joke or an obvious fraudulent scheme.

It’s neither. Most watches have inflated MSRPs. It’s just an old way of doing business. You’ll find the same thing (to some extent) with cars, boats and many other consumer products. The only watch company that I know of that does not use these inflated MSRPs is Timex, as they base their business on low, affordable prices.

this is NOT an automatic movement. Its fair to say its a MECHANICAL movement. But this mechanical movement is manual wind. It will not wind itself.

It is Chinese

Skeleton watches are not typically Automatic since that defeats the purpose. The rotor would hide a lot of the detail.

These Chinese movements are quite adequate. They’re not outstanding in technical detail or beauty, but functional and nice to look at.