Men's Total Terrain Aero Hiking Shoe - Brown

Anyone know if these tend to run narrow or wide? I have wider feet, and the last time I ordered shoes online I got burned because they were narrow as hell and I can barely fit my feet into them.

I haven’t worn Hitecs in several years, but there were never any fitment surprises with them when I did.

They always ran true to size. Never had an issue with them being too narrow and I have pretty blocky feet.

Bought these last time, they do run a little narrow and 2 months of use caused it to separate from the sole right where your foot bends. It’s all adhesive and not sewn to the sole so skip it if you’re gonna be doing any real rugged climbing that will flex it alot

Hey all, we dropped the price this morning on these guys! Now buy all the shoes! If you bought before the price drop, we’ll be refunding you the difference- so expect to hear from us a little later this morning.

Hey Woot,
Are these returnable if the fit isn’t right? Your return policy makes no mention of that.

Unfortunately, we only take returns on items that arrive damaged or not-as-advertised. We do not take things back if they don’t fit well.

I own a few pair of Hi tecs and love them. Very comfortable and absolutely true to size. You won’t be disappointed!

I bought a size 10.5, like every other shoe I own, and they were too small (big toe right up against the front end of the shoe). They were so small I even checked the shoes themselves to make sure I actually got 10.5 (I had). Contacted customer service and they kindly told me to go Eff myself.