Men's 2 Piece Suit - Black

Men’s 2 Piece Suit - Black
Price: $67.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jul 17 to Wednesday, Jul 22) + transit
Condition: New


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Made in China?

I will pass. THANK YOU, THO, WOOT.

Show me ANYWHERE that you’ll find a poly/rayon suit for $500. These inflated “list” prices are getting a little out of hand.

Not bad

Slim fit hipster clown suit.

No thank you.

is this a first!?

I accidentally ordered a suit off Groupon on my mobile app a month ago and tried to cancel it right away but I couldn’t. I received the suit and returned it, but before I sent it off, I opened the bag to check out the material and it was cheap feeling. Thick and hard. I prefer my suits 100% wool.

Gonna pass on the suit, but how about another mess of batteries? I’m running low!

just checking to see what team im on

Oh, can we request stuff now? Would you bring back that standing desk you had on here a few weeks back? That would be awesome. Thanks.

Me too.

I’m surprised it’s not a JosABanc buy one suit get 7 free type deal…

I don’t think I could buy a suit without trying it on/being fit for it first

We’re in the boudoir.

You are used to being more legit. Walk into any inner city junk store and you will find theses suits for $50. No one wants a deal on a Plastic suit. the only ones that buy it are the “style chalanged”
shame on you woot! I think I will stop checking on woot…

awful. this is getting bad now. worst woot ever?

Men in Black standard issue.