Mens 2PK Cargo Utility Shorts Size 30-48

Mens 2PK Cargo Utility Shorts Size 30-48

I haven’t bought these particular shorts, but I feel it’s my duty to let potential buyers know that literally (used correctly) every article I’ve bought from GBH, including other shorts, t shirts, ss button up shirts and recently muscle shirts have ALL been of sub standard quality. To the point I returned or donated the items.

The sizing has been erratic. The stitching loose and not straight. The fit… bizarre. The material (other than some t-shirts) has been extremely thin. I’m not sure if this is just how this brand rolls or if Woot is a dumping ground for their misfits.

The price is tempting but I wont be fooled again.

However, if you’re inclined to take the risk, I will say that Woot cs has been great and has always processed the return quickly and easily.

Happy deal hunting!