Mens 3PK Fleece Jogger Pants

Mens 3PK Fleece Jogger Pants

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Dear Manufacturer,
You might not of heard the news in China, but here in the US we carry a thing called a “smart phone” with us every waking moment. It would be fantastic if you added a feature on the joggers to hold such a device, in an area that’s not touching our genitalia. Some other manufacturers call it a BACK POCKET.
Thank you,
Every American male


What does “Modern-Fit Design” mean exactly? wider in the seat and thighs for us modern husky Americans? Or stupidly skinny legs even on large-waisted sizes? I’ve keep running into the latter on less expensive lounge pants.


Slimmer & tighter. For a relaxed fit, size up.


Thanks for the info. I was wondering that myself!

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TIL a 40" waist is 3XL

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Dear Manufacturer,
You might not of heard the news in China, but here in the US we in the US might tend to be a little tall. This can result in simultaneously needing an inseam greater than 31" without needed a 40" waistband. I know you won’t listen, but I feel better.


why no back shot? Need to see that also. But hundred percent polyester? Is that thick , winter warm?
Did they smell like petroleum products/almost gasoline like some other pants got here?

Got a pair in BOC. Got a large that fits like a tight medium in other brands. So, my “leg day” thighs keep them from being pulled up and kinda pull them down when moving. Jogging could lead to exposure. Love getting this pair to lounge. Definitely size up if you are buying them.

Most Americans would be sitting on their smart phone if kept in back pocket.

Wtf do you mean? The side pocket doesn’t touch genitals? I’ve never needed a back pocket in sweat pants ever either. You would just sit on the phone? If I want back pockets I wear real pants, not sweats

These have a back pocket. They’re a lot better quality than I expected

They’re warmer than they look. I bought them to lounge around the house, but they’re better for being outside on cold days. We keep our house in the mid-60s
and they are too warm for that

Seems that would depend on a genitals by genitals basis.

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