Men's 6-Pocket Cargo Shorts 2-Pack

I think I’d need the scissors to get rid of the dangly bits.

You should be able to snip them off. If they are true tie strings,you might be able to just pull them out. Tie them like a little shoe string. I like them when I kayak to keep the skeeters out.

A little off topic… but whoever is responsible for the awful Photoshop job on these product images needs to find a new job… good grief. That’s beyond amateur work, I can’t believe those graphics were even allowed on the site.,0,1034,394.png

Are these true waist measurement? Or some conceived size by the company?

With most bottoms size specs the waist size doesn’t truly measure that same number in inches. For Example: when buying a pair of Jeans by a major brand that states a size of lets say 34 x 32, in which the waist size is 34” and the length or inseam is 32”, if you were to measure the circumference of the waist in most cases it would measure between 34.5-35.5”to account for a little extra room, unless it was slim fit in which case it would probably measure exactly 34”. If you wear a size 34 in bottoms with a snug fit, if you were to measure your waist it is likely that your waist would measure over 34”. Most apparel companies manufacture their bottoms with this type of size spec criteria of giving and extra 1-1.5” of room on top of the actual waist size.

So a size 30” waist would really be 31.5” if you measure the circumference of the shorts and the same goes for the rest of the sizes. However, these are not slim fit nor are they a loose fit they are your typical comfortable Modern Fit, if your looking for a real slim fit then buy one size less, if your looking for a loose fit then we suggest buying one size up.

great stuff

Are these still in fashion? Where and what age group?

What is in fashion? Also who gives a shit?

One of the pair of shorts was missing the button holding the pants together. The other one looks like the button is barely holding on.

Sorry about that. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Yup. Skunked again buying Woot! apparel. The first pair lost the button within 24 hours, and what I thought was just a loose thread has now turned into the stitching coming undone in the crotch.

The second pair is still in the bag. I’m afraid to take it out for fear it might just disintegrate.

Crazy enough I’m waiting for delivery on another 2 pairs of shorts from Woot!. If those fall apart too, no more clothes from Woot! (Except maybe the shirtWoot! shirts, because those have been great).

I’m so sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.