Men's Active Athletic Performance Shorts

Men's Active Athletic Performance Shorts

Are these Anti-Static by chance?

Sorry but the name Premium Active Athletic Elite Performance tired me out too much to hit the buy button now
Gotta hit the showers and take some supplements

The makers of these shorts do not take a negative stance on any group. They believe we are all created equal

Seriously doubt it.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, these took a little extra time to get delivered.

If these shorts are “premium” I’d hate to see an economy version. I already have a few other pair that are a mesh-like material that I got from the local sporting goods store which are heavier duty, softer and most importantly, not completely see-through like these Spalding shorts from Wootmazon which just arrived.

Maybe my expectations were a bit too high after liking the cheaper BCG brand shorts from the local sporting goods store. (which have a lightweight, thin but tighter weave mesh liner) I’ll just have to coordinate underwear color with the shorts so it’s less noticeable.