Men's and Women's Vibram FiveFingers

If I only had the money, I would buy a pair of the yellow and black KMDs.

Like I really need another pair.

They have a settlement they agreed to if anyone cares for a read.

I hate that they never list the reason in those things. I have an eligible pair that was bought in that window of time, and I don’t see why I would need compensation - they’re fine. (Falling apart now, but I’ve had them for years.)

Triathlete here. I do crossfit twice a week and looking for minimalist shoes. Wil these work? Also, I am 11.5 running shoes. Should I get the 45? Thanks in advanced

“In March 2012 Valerie Bezdek brought a class action suit against Vibram, alleging that Vibram deceived consumers by advertising that the footwear could reduce foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles, without basing those assertions on scientific evidence.”

Was excited to see this and jumped right on over, only to find that the only women’s shoe they have in my size is all sold out v.v Don’t know if there’s any real point in even trying with the men’s.

Edit: I was right. The men’s don’t even come small enough (7-7.5). Mreh, guess I’ll hunt down other brands.

I would consider some of the womens’ if they made them in bigger sizes. There is a few different ones I’m kind of disappointed aren’t in bigger sizes (none of these, listed).

Meh! This is old news.


Try Free shipping. That’s where I buy my vibrams. They may have them in your size.

They DO make bigger sizes for a large number of their models. It’s just that Woot never seems to have any of those.

I am a 10.5 (11 in my Sauconys) and wear a 42 in Vibrams. I love them.

For what it’s worth, I got mine for roughly the same price Woot sells them – maybe a couple bucks cheaper really because shipping was free – on eBay, after being disappointed sale after sale at Woot not having my size. I couldn’t be happier.

As you are aware of the return policy here I would look else where.

Each brand and often within models sizes can differ. I have a number of New Balance Minimus bought at various sites and was told by NB customer service that if I had an issue with a NB shoe I could always call about it for a return *no matter where it was purchased.

I never took them up on it so???

There are so many sites that give reviews on running shoes out there - I would hit some of those as well. I know it is odd to do a return on shoes but it is really important when looking for a minimalist shoe as a newbie. btw, there is actually a warning card on the New Balance Minimus shoes - they do feel different - like slippers! I don’t run anymore but walking long distance, cycling etc they are just amazing in all climates!

Hope you find a pair/brand that fit well.

Ordered 1 August '14 and no shipment yet.

Updated-Refund recv’d within a week of contacting Woot. The first posting here may of helped!

Please email into They should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your order.

NO, no they won’t. I’ve emailed Woot over and over and over about these shoes. I tried to cancel 30 minutes after my order and they told me no, to return the package unopened for a refund. I did so about a month ago and I’m still waiting! Now they don’t even answer my emails anymore, not even with the stupid auto-reply!

I even tried being nice, and sending funny emails. I am not playing along any more, Woot.

When did you refuse/return your order? Often the return process is 7-10 business days.

I’m unsure as to why they have yet to respond to you though.

I’ll go ahead and ping Woot Staff to inquire about the status of your inquiries and refund.