Men's Apparel, Size Large

The Fila jacket is very stylish. I got one for each of my mid-20’s sons. Each gave definite thumb’s up. Durable, wears great, washes well. Excellent value. (Looks great with aviator sunglasses.)

Buyer beware. I bought one of the Oleg Cassini shirts last go round - beautiful green color, size large - and the sleeves were so short they came almost half way up my forearm. Good looking shirt, good price, very freaky sizing. To goodwill it went…

Same here but I bought two!

Same with the “Alex Stevens Men’s All Over Stripe Hoodie, Grey” - except here the size was very small. A Large fit like a borderline small/medium. I guess the fit was a slim (or athletic), but it was TIGHT. To Goodwill it went.