Men's Athletic Performance Shorts 4-Pack

Men's Athletic Performance Shorts 4-Pack

As a warning, these are the same style as these shorts: which ran much smaller than normal sizing.

What is the depth of the pockets?

I’m told 7"

I bought these. The pockets varied from almost non-existent to shallow (maybe 3”). Also, 3 of them started coming apart after 1 or 2 washes.


Just got these shorts, the pockets are so shallow that they keep inverting, can’t fit my iPhone 6s Plus in there about 2 inches sticks out. Half of them had string coming out and one of them had a hole in the crotch. Very disappointed with the thin fabric and poor quality.

Received these the other day. The pockets are stupid shallow. Not a fan.

Got these on Saturday. I hover between a L or XL in shorts and I read the comments about the sizing running small so I went with XL. Unfortunately, they’re basically skintight and unwearable; the sizes must run 2-3 times smaller than what you normally wear. These will be going right to Goodwill.

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I agree with all the above complaints. The pockets are completely useless. After about a month and a half the stitching is pulling out of all 4 of mine. It started after the first wash and it’s getting worse. After another 2-3 washes I expect to start pulling them out of the dryer in pieces as there will be no more stitching. Obviously the wrong thread used for this stretchy fabric. They were cheap though. You get what you pay for but you don’t always get your money’s worth!

As most have already stated, these are very poor quality shorts. Bought them for my son and they are already falling apart. There are holes forming due to their thin material. Very disappointing!