Men's Belted Buckle Detail Cargo Shorts

Why are size 48 shorts even made in the “tailored fit” style? 99% of guys who wear 48’s aren’t exactly the “tailored” types! Any shorts size 46 or above ought to already be made to give a “generous fit” from the very get go!

I could make a comment like “you must be as narrow / small minded as you’re small waist” but I think most of us big dogs figured it out already…

There are quite a few guys I hang with that are all over 6’6" and may have as much as a 48" waist, several forgot and “flexed” while wearing size 50 jackets and split the backs out of them. What makes you think a 48" waist can’t possibly be on a well proportioned body?

Not every “jumbo” is also a “fatso”.