Men's Cargo Shorts

Hey, fat guy here 42 doesn’t cut it.

I bought 6 of these at the end of spring, and I think only one has survived until now. The material is very thin, and the cut is a bit funky. They catch in strange places like across the top of your knee which stresses the fabric in other places and I have had several tear at the stress point. The odd thing is that they don’t tear at seams where they can be restitched and salvaged, the fabric itself tears right next to the seam, so it can’t be repaired without changing the actual cut of the shorts.

Cheap, cheap, cheap. Lucky if they last through one wearing. Like mentioned, the fabric is very thin. Between ripping or zippers breaking (or arriving broken), every pair ends up in trash.

Bought a couple of these the last time they were on Woot. I bought them one size too large for the “generous fit,” which was too generous.

They are thin, but that’s not an issue unless you’re going to wear them every day for six months. I put a little dry lube on the zippers (they were a bit stiff) and removed the belt and drawstrings.

Overall, not bad shorts, especially for around the house, garden, etc. I wouldn’t wear them for a formal dinner; for that I have tuxedo shorts.

What’s the stuff hanging off these? Is that for when I want to walk around with Christmas ornaments or maybe bells? Seriously, Woot Totally Funtastic?

I use them to hang fruit from, so I always have a snack handy, and don’t have to worry about having it in a pocket and sitting on it.