Men's Compression Socks, 2 Pairs (5 Colors)

I’m curious where the $100 MSRP comes from? Is that $100 USD? No one else in the world seems to be charging more than $12 a pair for these.

Not saying it isn’t a deal, but come on.

These things usually come with different degrees of compression such as 8-15 mmHg, 15-20, 20-30, etc. What are these considered? Medium, Firm, or what?

Yep. Need to see the compression level before I can purchase. Come on Woot staffer. Save the day.

I’ve seen some ridiculously high MSRP on quite a few things Woot advertises. I believe they fabricate those prices to make it look like we are getting a hell of a deal. All I can say is “Buyer beware!”

Compression stockings = Medical device = phony MSRP = phony baloney discounts.

To repeat a previous question: What is the compression level/rating of these socks? Might buy if I knew that!

Agreed, please get compression specification so I can determine if these are suitable.

These are not medical socks. we do not have a compression rating.

quick search found a review on the mothership and that said the socks were “NOT too tight”. all the compression socks i wear “ARE too tight”; that’s the whole reason to wear them.

i like the gold toe “basic” with a solid yellow line over the toes. they last longer and fit better than the “classic” GT with the “speckled” toe area.

i’ma gonna pass on these.

From Amazon (I think these are the same ones):

“Cotton Blend
• Imported
• 75% Coolmax, 20% Spandex, 5% elastic
• Sock size 13-15, Shoe 12-14, 8-15 mmHg support
• Ideal for circulation problems for swollen, sensitive, sore leg
• Designed for wide swollen feet and calves
• Flat toe seams and reinforced heel and toe areas”

If you look at the specs, these are 75% nylon, 20% spandex, 5% elastic. There is no cotton listed so they can’t be the same. Woot has offered these previously at this price. I wish someone who bought them would share their experience.

In addition to degree of compression, most major manufacturers of compression socks also display the ankle and calf circumference that the socks fit. My physician explicitly said NOT to buy compression socks on shoe size alone, as the actual compression at the ankle and calf are important, which is why the manufacturers also provide that information.

Well that’s a disappointing Woot cop-out. They are described as compression socks

“feature gradual compression, from top to toe. Gradual compression aids blood circulation in otherwise swollen or fatigued legs”

They aren’t describing dress socks… Even runners leg sleeves specify compression. It makes a difference.

I’m out

I call bull on the list price. Sierra Trading Post has the same socks for $12.95 a pair with the regular price at $20/pair. So not sure where they are getting the price from.

Giving them a shot at that price, just bought 3.

Sears and Sock Broker also have them at the same price as Sierra… Hey Woot don’t BullCrap your customers!!

Just received some last night and they are extremely firm. I was going to wear them for work today but after I put them on they were too tight. I am going to try them over the weekend to see how they feel, at least I can take them off if they are not comfortable.

It was a struggle putting them on as well as taking them off.