Men's Flannel Shirt

Men's Flannel Shirt

The fit chart being used for this sale is beyond me. What measurement scale are they using and are they really saying there is only a difference of “2” between SMALL and 2XL (in whatever scale is being used)? Any guidance here, Woot? I’d love to purchase one of these, but more info is needed.

Hi there. They are inches. Measurements are “lay flat” as if you laid the shirt on a table. So any difference in the body of the shirt would be doubled when you consider the back as well.

Hope that helps.

Not really sure that it does help. Does the lay flat include the widths of the sleeves? The small seems SUPER large and not really a small at all. If I’m an actual small 5’5” and chest 36” this would not fit me correct?

So the around measurement for the small would be 41”. Note that tapered waist though. You may want to size up.

What I do is take a shirt I like out of my closet, lay it on the bed, and measure it for comparison.

What brand are these shirts?

They’re Activa brand. Very skimpy cut and paper thin.