Mens Fleece Joggers w/ Zipper Pockets

Mens Fleece Joggers w/ Zipper Pockets

Does it have a fly that opens?

No, they do not.

The description says these are “regular fit”. However, both pair I rec’d have tags that are clearly marked “slim fit”. I was a little tweaked for sure, because I can’t wear ‘slim fit’ anything. :laughing: I decided to try on a pair anyway. I ordered medium (I have 34in waist) and they fit fine. The front zipper pockets aren’t deep enough to hold my Galaxy Note 8, but keys and slim wallet fit fine. I wouldn’t trust the back pocket to hold anything. :upside_down_face: I like these though. I ordered the camo and charcoal.


The sizing chart says 2XL = 35" waist. Yikes.

Hey, will Woot ever have sizing fo those of us who are tall? Maybe a Big & Tall section. You’re welcome.

Upon searching these on the web to find a better price… the average cost for galaxy by Harvic joggers is $11.99. Eek. Was going to purchase some for my boyfriend but these are higher than most other sites.