Mens Heavy Weight Flight Bomber Jacket

Mens Heavy Weight Flight Bomber Jacket

A little odd (dubious?) how all the lengths (two types) for each size, measured from the shoulder, are all ten inches different. So for any given size, the cuffs on my sleeves are going to be ten inches closer to the ground than my waistband? That doesn’t visually match their pictures…

I think you may have misunderstood the size chart, allow me to clarify. The length of the jacket is measure from the top of the jacket to the bottom of the jacket.
The sleeve length is measured from the center of the top part of the jacket -to the shoulder- and then down sleeve to the cuff. Take a look at the size chart again and you will see how all these points are measured.
In general, this is the industry standard of how garment measurements are rendered. So the extra ten inches that you are referring to would partly be from the center back to the shoulder point.

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This normally sells for $40 on Amazon

Spire by Galaxy Men’s Flight Jacket

Ahh, much clearer - and yes, I missed the bit about “plus the distance from spine to shoulder” in the graphic. Makes sense (mostly). Sadly, they have only the three “smallest” size options, so my interest is spurned. Thanks, though!

These went fast. Did they go on sale early?

I received one of these in my Turkey day BOC. I’m a female but this fits me perfectly. Thanks WOOT!, as I’m in Central Florida and only need a warm jacket occasionally.