Mens Heavyweight Flight Bomber Jacket

Mens Heavyweight Flight Bomber Jacket

Closest I could find on the mothership:

Spire by Galaxy Men’s Flight Jacket

I bought two of these last time. Both XXL. I am normally a L. I was shocked when I got them and couldn’t zip them up because I got 2 sizes larger. Just a friendly heads up.



These jackets run small. I usually wear large sized jackets, I got a large and it was way too tight. I ordered an XL and it was also too tight.



I was going to comment on WHY these are turning up again. Is it the sizing or the quality?

I bought three of these last time, in varying sizes. I kept the one that fit best and gave the other two to homeless shelter. Only criticism that I have is that pockets could be deeper. I wouldn’t put anything valuable in them.

These are a brand new batch of jackets that were just produced, the fit is accurate and true to size.

Since your official response/description was what you kinda had to say, I guess now we wait for the test-drive reports. Because we HAVE reports of significant “variation” over time, I for one will have to “wait and see” (i.e., not this time). Because “fit” and “size” aren’t supposed to be randomly “fuzzy” but apparently sometimes are.

Any new info? Anybody?

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