Men's Holiday Inspired Ugly Jogger Pants

I don’t see anywhere we can preview the pattern options. How are we supposed to figure out the color and pattern options when we place an order?

Never mind I see on the webpage you can preview and get the style number. On the mobile app it doesn’t work so well FYI

Interesting, the models for the men’s styles are wearing shirts and shoes in addition to the pants, while the models for the women’s style are wearing only the pants leaving a lot more flesh on display, comparatively.
Not that I mind, just sayin.

Pattern 126 is NOT blue. It is teal. Much to my dismay.

I bought them last year and they were much closer to blue than anything else.

Not all of the sizes are the same for each color.

There seems to be a loose fit and a slim fit. I bought pattern 124 and 128 in large, received 124 slim fit and 128 non slim fit large. The slim fit is the fit shown in the pictures. The non slim fit looks like normal PJ pants.

the red ones are super slim fitting!