Men's Holiday Inspired Ugly Jogger Pants

Men's Holiday Inspired Ugly Jogger Pants

Pair these with an ugly Christmas sweater and you can’t lose the contest.

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I’ve bought these a couple of times and they aren’t always slim fit. Some of the color options in the past have been slim fit, others have not.

It would be really nice if someone could take a look and verify which colors are slim fit and which are not.

EDIT: Pattern 128 last year was definitely not slim fit.

Quit saying pair. It’s not wine.

Does the drawstring go around the waist, and is it usable? not just for decoration?

Yes, drawstring is around waist and is usable

Another thing to keep in mind while pairing is the weight of the pants vs the body of the ugly X-mas sweater and it is possible to have a perfect balance; however, most pairings will have a more enhancing influence on one or the other.

Too bad they are slim fit (seriously, slim fit jogging pants?), they’d go awesome with my Brooks ugly sweater running shoes and my actual ugly sweater. =D