Men's Leather Dawn Patrol - Brown

I just bought the dark brown and the dark grey dawn patrol at for 29.99 a pair with free shipping tax 2.84 total 62.82.
Recently woot sold me a knife that they said was a new high quality steel I only bought it for that reason, I received it ,it was not that steele .I contacted them they were willing to give me my shipping back. This sale ran for a good while many questioned the deal they had time to fix the wording in the sale they didn’t,woot is going the wrong way in a big hurry,sad I used to love this place.

Dawn Patrol Slipper Leather
$29.99 Sale

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thanks. i ordered the same product + free shipping for 29.99.

also: Dawn Patrol was the not-so-terrible debut album by 80’s band Night Ranger. The album included the minor hit Don’t Tell Me You Love Me. It also included fan faves Sing Me Away, Eddie’s Coming Out Tonight (No Homo), and Night Ranger.