Men's Leather Dawn Patrol - Grey

Not acceptable/fair these won’t ship to Alaska! Flat rate usps!!! If it fits it ships!!! Let us pay more for shipping… Same shipping zone as Washington!! :frowning:

They’re actually cheaper on the manufacturer website. I’m not sure if they ship to AK though.

Edit: According to their website: $17.00 per item shipping to AK and HI (Fed-Ex 2nd day air). So Almost the same price as Woot with normal shipping.

Thanks for this! Unfortunate that your shipping is so high for you. For CA shipping is free so just have to pay tax on the $29.99 per pair.

Product Page
I have 3 pair of the Cushe Slippers. They are very comfortable and durable. I wear them a lot!

I discovered this brand in an over priced downtown shoe store, was very curious, after much research bought a pair online, that was 5 years ago, and since then I’ve never wore a different brand. Such great comfy shoes. I work in them, and I play in them. I throw a new set of odor eaters in them every 3 months and I don’t even have to wear socks in these.

Not a bad price either, I’ll be buying a back up pair. If you love these shoes though get on their mailing list on their website, few times a year you can get really good discounts on these and their shipping is very fast.

wow, $32.39 shipped direct from mfgr (for me) vs 39.99 + $5 shipping here? wtf woot?

I can buy the exact same pair directly from the Cushe website for $29.99 & free shipping!

No deal here!!!

Sorry Woot… 2 thumbs down today :frowning:

How is the sizing on these shoes? Do they run large or small"? Will they stretch much with wear?

+1 for the lame pricing. $30 out the door from the mfgr with a return policy for sizing issues. I’d love to hear from Woot staff on this.

I do not own a pair of these, but according to the reviews on the manufacturer website, they seem to run a bit small. I normally wear an 11, but am ordering a 12 from their website today.

In for a pair… from the manufacturer. Weird deal, Woot, but thanks for the heads up on these!

They DO run a little small.

What pmac said, 32.04 shipped. 2.04 taxes so they must do some business here in my state.

Thanks woot for the heads up, these look like just what I needed.