Men's Leather Reversible Ratchet Belt

Men's Leather Reversible Ratchet Belt

I probably could guess the answer, but I didn’t see this listed: are these full grain, top grain, genuine, split grain, or bonded leather?

It’s “Quality Leather, Longtime Use” Whatever that means!


According to the reviews, it looks like these are ‘bonded leather’.

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I’ve had several of these, and actually really like them. Right up until the time they crap out, they you can’t hardly get the thing off.

These are a brand new Patented Design and they are designed to easily be removed when you want to remove it.

Here is a better option

I don’t see an option to select buckle colors on the 2 pack. I would prefer one of each. Anyone ordered one of these 2 packs before?

the 2 pack colors include
a strap that has black on one side and cognac on the other
a strap that has black on one side and grey on the other
and 2 buckles, one is black and one is silver.

Is it possible to get the black/cognac in silver and the black/grey in black instead?

The Buckles are interchangeable , you can remove the buckles and out them on the other straps.

Those are traditional hole-and buckle, not ratchet belts, though.

I am a little suspicious. I participated in the crowdfunding of a product like this some time ago, and have been quite happy with them. The ones I got have kevlar inside the layers of leather. I can securely hang a holster off of it which is pretty good.

I’m wondering whether these guys have cough emulated cough Harmattan’s intellectual property.

Take a look at the video and you can get a better understanding of the mechanism. Its not traditional hole and buckle.

Yes, I was saying the same thing in response to another comment. Woot puts the post in two places.

These appear to be Mark Fred belts - Reversible Ratchet Belt – Mark Fred

They advertise they are Full Grain Leather.