Men's Long Sleeve Pattern Dress Shirt

Men's Long Sleeve Pattern Dress Shirt

These are very nice shirts, well-made and - for me at least - an excellent fit. Note that they run long: a “large” shirt has a 36" sleeve. Collar is about a 17-1/2. There’s a slight taper at the waist, so it’s best if you taper in, not out. :slight_smile:
Fabric is light, but it’s a tight weave, and the contrasting lining on collar and sleeves looks sharp - people will think you paid $80 or $90. Excellent for the price, and I’m buying more.

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I purchased one of these shirts and brand new, right out of the package, the shirt had a hole in it.

:frowning: I’m very sorry! Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Does anyone know if this skrink much?

Bought like 5 or-so of these shirts last go-round… you get what you pay for, they’re cheap. Literally every shirt has random loose threads all over the place. Every shirt has at least one thread problem at a button hole… so when you try to unbutton, it gets tangled in the thread. I don’t expect these to last for more than a few wears.