Men's Marled Fleece Zip Sweater 3-Pack

This guy deserves a 100 bonus points for that line!!!

That sounds pretty much what i would expect for a fleece under $10.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the price is amazing …That’s why Woot is the greatest , because nobody can compete with their pricing …thousands of people have bought them and left excellent reviews on them, they are really excellent quality . Here is a couple links below showing the current prices just for one Sweater, along with the reviews.

The everyday price for the exact same item is $19.99 ea at Walmart. but you get to choose the color and style

I got mine today.

I got the sherpa lined hoodie’s for men, which turned out to be a little large for my son, which was fine. And then I got the same in the woman’s cut for my wife, and those were fine, maybe a little large too.

But these? These are horrible. They don’t fit me. At all. I expected them to fit about what any other would, or even a little larger. But these are much smaller than they should be, IMO.

From the same ‘seller’ the other stuff was fine. I’ll be returning these.

Turns out that Uncle Bob strangled Grandpa with the Blue Fleece Zip. Problem is, Grandpa specified in his will that he be buried in that very Blue Fleece Zip, but the police won’t release it as it is evidence. Grandpa will be pretty, uh, ripe well before the trial. What do we do?!

Random selection included sizes. Received 2@XL and 1@L.

I got three XLs as I ordered. One Navy, one Gray, and one Olive. Washed them and they shrunk a little, now like a “large and a half”, perfect for me. Seem to be made well and are warm. Worth the $8.33 each I paid. I’d buy them again.

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I received mine today. All full zip. No hoodies. Black, blue and olive.

2 Xl and they fit. Seem really well made. I’m not sure about the claim you can see through the thin fabric…now I guess I should get checked for cataracts. They’re a medium to light sweater I suppose.

Sherpas should avoid them, but I live in South Texas and these are perfect. I would buy them again, but…I actually am an old fat grandpa.

Okay. My turn. I’m an XL, so I ordered 2XL because of the reports of the sizing running small. That part was accurate, the 2XL fits me just fine.

I got:
1x Black Half-Zip
1x Med Gray Full-Zip
1x Dark Olive Full-Zip

All three with the short floppy Nehru-type collar. All three of them “Classic”, none “Quilted”. All three with awesome elbow patching.

Not a fan of the half-zip, I’ll find someone to give that away to, but the two full-zips will be worn.

For $25, I got what I paid for. Functional, not a huge bargain, not a rip-off.

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