Men's Mesh Watches By Akribos XXIV

Don’t waste your money. Bought one of these a couple of years ago. Looks nice, but mine quit working on me after about 6 weeks. :-p My G-Shock is 10 years old and has never even had the battery replaced. Watches for fashion? Meh.

We almost bought 3. Amazon gets $100 and they looked nice for gifts. Thanks for your tip.

These inflated MSRPs are part of the marketing - these watches aren’t worth $5. Akribos is owned by Stuhrling and they crank out these watches that look great in a picture but are made of low quality parts and look really cheap in person. Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy this stuff.

That’s all I really needed to know. Honestly, I don’t care who makes the watch, or where it’s made. Does it keep time? Is it priced right? Does it look nice? No self respecting adult wants to wear cheap looking… well, anything. It can be cheap, just not look cheap.

These watches look so cool that I almost bought one. Thanks for your comments. It must be a marketing trick because how can they discount a watch that cost a few hundred dollars down to just to a price that seemed unbelievable.

I bought one of these mesh watches, but from Groupon. I returned it due to a sharp edge produced by a hanging/exposed mesh link that bent out of shape, possibly due to bending of the strap.

The hanging/exposed link had a very sharp edge, such that if I drew any piece of clothing over that edge, it would catch and pull on the thread. It was certainly sharp enough to scratch or pull soon when rubbing my fiber across it.

Bought an Akribos XXIV watch two offerings ago. It took over two weeks to ship and arrived DOA (yes, the battery was good). No instructions included either. Just my experience.

Agreed, which is exactly why I’d suggest a nice Timex, priced and worth $50 or so. Setting a fake MSRP to create some air of exclusivity then discounting it 95%+ is just shady imo.

For what it’s worth, I got an AK625BK in a BOC back in April and have worn it to work almost every day since. Mine looks as nice as the ones in the picture, feels pretty sturdy, and is comfortable to wear. I know I have bumped the face a few times and there is not so much as a smudge on the glass. I saw one comment on Amazon about the hasp randomly opening, but I haven’t experienced that problem. Overall, I think it is a decent watch and would consider another if it fell in my watch price range of $30.

Watchmaker king… gimme a break.
It’s just another re-brander of cheap Chinese watches. Fuggly too in my opinion.

If you really want a good watch buy known value brands .
If you want a good Chinese watch buy something with a Seagull movement.

Certainly these can’t be that awful??? I ordered one and I’m just hoping to get a decent $50 watch. In the past I’ve had terrible luck with expensive watches and great luck with target watches. So who knows…
I’m excited to see, and will share my thoughts when it gets here!!

I’ve been a long time wooter, but this is my first comment. If I could help just one person by convincing them this watch is a total joke, I’ve accomplished something. I ordered it last week before reading what others were saying about the quality, but still tried to be optimistic. Mine showed up yesterday, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. Don’t waste your money. This is a $19.99 watch at best, and I still wouldn’t buy unless it was on sale had I been able to feel the poor quality of this time POS. Bad Woot.

I ordered two of these in different colors. After a three week wait, they arrived. One came with the clasp in pieces inside the packing envelope, the second one the clasp is misaligned and will not lock. Watches look good, but not very useful if you can’t wear them on your wrist.