Men's Ocala Hiking Shoe - Brown

Hi Tech has the worst customer service of any shoe company I have ever dealt with. I have owned several pairs of their shoes in the past,but will never own another.

Anyone know how much these weigh?

Amazon’s listing says that they are 21 oz each.

Amazon sizing feedback indicates that these fit as expected. Those who answered differently were in the “larger than expected” category.

I bought a pair of the Hi-Tec trail runners a couple of years ago and they fit and were well worth the $20 I had in them. They lasted well over a year and were comfortable. These boots are at least $100 less than other boots I’ve been looking at. If they fit they’ll be worth $40.

I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit…especially since I have two left feet. Well at least 50% of the purchase will be worth it.

My first 2 backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon (5-nights each) I wore Hi-Tec boots. They didn’t last much beyond that, but for the price are pretty amazing.