Men's Otto Shoes

Men's Otto Shoes

Does anyone know what that material on the back is? Is it leather?

I did find this on Amazon: “100% Fabric or Textile”

And Macy’s said this: “EVA Sole, Polyester, Viscose, Spandex Insole, 100% Cotton Upper, Spandex Lining”

But that’s all I got.

Yes, it’s a leather bit at the back, it’s attached only at the top. This deal came up with a bunch of different Muk Luks a few weeks ago and I bought these exact shoes!

FTR, these are super comfy and look great. I love them.

Anyone know if there is any arch support built into the shoe?

No arch support, just a thick insert

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FWIW, mine just arrived, and they are the WORST SHOES I’VE EVER BOUGHT!! They weren’t eve worth $5, let alone $15! Plastic insert, soles are ‘slick plastic’ like material that will have you sliding on Concrete, let alone Ceramic Tile. YMMV, but I doubt it.


Agree that the soles are slick and slide on vinyl floors. I haven’t tried them on a smooth concrete surface yet. They run a little small, but the canvas uppers are comfortable. The inserts are semi-comfortable and will probably mold to your feet after a while. The have zero arch support, but meet my needs as long as I am super careful on vinyl floors.

I also just received mine. They run small…about 1/2 size too small.

I agree, they are cheap feeling.

Thanks for the pic. It shows a totally different insole.

These are horrible. For one thing, they run so small that I thought I had made a mistake and ordered women’s. I cant even get them on. Not that I would have worn them anyway. They are very cheaply made. If they ever got anywhere near $60 for them, I would be shocked.


Eh. I’ve given up on arch support from stock insoles. I use my own 100% of the time.

But the colors I want to get are the ones that are sold out.

What color are you after? I’ve got a Size 11, Light Khaki if interested.

I find that Muckluks run fairly small with their sizing. I have another pair of 12’s that are quite snug, while I can wear 11’s or 11.5’s in other brands with room to move. THIS pair of Muckluks I got in 12, but I should have got 13’s, it’s that bad. Pretty sure my foot’s not growing…

Agree… definitely run small; I’d say a full size or more, and yes, they do have a “cheap” feel to them.

Cheap construction and ridiculously small. I’m wondering if these shoes were manufacturer rejects or something, especially given there’s only a hard liner on the inside and no padded insole. I wear 11.5, ordered a 12, and can’t even put it on it is so small.

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