Men's Otto Shoes

Men's Otto Shoes

Does anyone know what that material on the back is? Is it leather?

I did find this on Amazon: “100% Fabric or Textile”

And Macy’s said this: “EVA Sole, Polyester, Viscose, Spandex Insole, 100% Cotton Upper, Spandex Lining”

But that’s all I got.

Yes, it’s a leather bit at the back, it’s attached only at the top. This deal came up with a bunch of different Muk Luks a few weeks ago and I bought these exact shoes!

FTR, these are super comfy and look great. I love them.

Anyone know if there is any arch support built into the shoe?

No arch support, just a thick insert

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FWIW, mine just arrived, and they are the WORST SHOES I’VE EVER BOUGHT!! They weren’t eve worth $5, let alone $15! Plastic insert, soles are ‘slick plastic’ like material that will have you sliding on Concrete, let alone Ceramic Tile. YMMV, but I doubt it.


Agree that the soles are slick and slide on vinyl floors. I haven’t tried them on a smooth concrete surface yet. They run a little small, but the canvas uppers are comfortable. The inserts are semi-comfortable and will probably mold to your feet after a while. The have zero arch support, but meet my needs as long as I am super careful on vinyl floors.

I also just received mine. They run small…about 1/2 size too small.

I agree, they are cheap feeling.

Thanks for the pic. It shows a totally different insole.

These are horrible. For one thing, they run so small that I thought I had made a mistake and ordered women’s. I cant even get them on. Not that I would have worn them anyway. They are very cheaply made. If they ever got anywhere near $60 for them, I would be shocked.


Eh. I’ve given up on arch support from stock insoles. I use my own 100% of the time.

But the colors I want to get are the ones that are sold out.

What color are you after? I’ve got a Size 11, Light Khaki if interested.

I find that Muckluks run fairly small with their sizing. I have another pair of 12’s that are quite snug, while I can wear 11’s or 11.5’s in other brands with room to move. THIS pair of Muckluks I got in 12, but I should have got 13’s, it’s that bad. Pretty sure my foot’s not growing…

Agree… definitely run small; I’d say a full size or more, and yes, they do have a “cheap” feel to them.

Yep, these run ridiculously small. I ordered my normal size, but they didn’t even come close to fitting. I gave them to my wife whose men’s shoe size is about five sizes below mine, and they’re only slightly big for her.

Cheap construction and ridiculously small. I’m wondering if these shoes were manufacturer rejects or something, especially given there’s only a hard liner on the inside and no padded insole. I wear 11.5, ordered a 12, and can’t even put it on it is so small.

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