Men's Pique Polos 6-Pack

These shirts are absolute garbage. All are stamped the same size, yet only 2 of the 6 actually seem to be the same size. They are a grab bag of different packaging and stitching styles. Unlike most Harvic products, these seem to run rather large. I bought small, and they are larger than a typical medium sized polo shirt (some of them seem bigger than a typical Large sized polo shirt, as not all of these 6 shirts are the same dimensions).
Yeah, I know, they are cheap. But seriously? If you want to spend $5-$7 for a polo, you are better off picking some polo shirts up from your local thrift store.
Also, one of the shirts arrived with a torn seam.

Wow, I’m so sorry.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Ordered Large, got 5 Large and one XL

I agree with the above comments-- They are garbage!


Got mine, while they are all “similar in size” they are not all true advertised sizes. They do all “fit” though. They are poor quality though two of the six shirts are coming apart on the side stitching literally coming apart. I have already reached out for an exchange/return. I will say though two of the six shirts are great!

I bought these before and they fit me fine and were all good quality. I bought more this time and some for my kid. Very comfortable. I’d buy them again.