Men's Pocket Tees 8-Pack

Why would you sell an item where you have no clue what colors you are receiving?

We’ve sold random color clothing packs for years. It works. :slight_smile:

this is a whole wardrobe for $20, for that price, you can care about colors later.

If they came in small, I’d be all over this.

Question: Is the fabric, the same as previous Fruit of the Loom pocket t’s? or is the fabric much softer? They now sell a softer version in Walmart, and I am not happy because the shirts sag due to the fabric is not as sturdy.

These are the same tees we sold last time.

I bought a couple of packs of these last time; I am disappointed in them.

Because they had a pocket, I thought they would be suitable as T-shirts to wear around in public. Maybe if I were a skinny young teen I could do that, but I am not.

The fabric is extremely light-weight. I took one of these shirts and weighed it on my postal scale–6.1 ounces for an x-large. I compared it with one of the x-large Gildan t-shirts sold earlier. It weighed in at 7.3 ounces. It is a more substantial and comfortable shirt that doesn’t border on see-thru.

Bottom line: I won’t buy more of these Fruit-of-the Loom shirts. I will buy the Gildans.

WHAT ! Only large, what about us bigger guys ? You little farts !

Size “other than ‘Large’” guys don’t despair! You haven’t missed much that I can tell so far. My 8 assorted came and I received Red, Navy, Black, a forest green, and FOUR more dull green to brown shades. Not very assorted IMHO and I was surprised to receive so many colors NOT pictured. They are thin as others have said. Wallyworld sells the same package for a little more. (I scanned the barcode.)

Hi ,they are smaller then regular Large.XL or XXL well be the right size ,I like to return and get a XL or XXL thanks

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