Men's RAITH III LOW WP, 2 Colors

I bought a pair of these in the bungee cord last time Woot had them and I’ve got to say these are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn and I love the color. I take a size 9 in Teva sandals so I ordered these in a size 10 to allow for mid-weight socks and, since Teva’s have a tendency to run the slightest bit narrow, the size 10’s also gave me some extra width over 9’s. But I can see why these are called hiking shoes, I would guess you could hike all day in these and your feet would still feel good afterward. That’s how comfortable I found them. And they are also very well made and seem sturdy as heck! If interested in my full review go to Amazon where I also provided a couple photos for Amazon users because the pair Amazon shows in bungee cord looks darker than what they are, so I added photos so Amazon user’s could see “exactly” the color I received. But if you’re thinking of these and can get the sizing right, buy em’, you won’t be sorry! Oh, and I didn’t even mention how good a deal they are! As a matter of fact, I just now ordered them in the dark shadow, even though I need another pair of shoes like I need … well, I just don’t. But anyway, I put my money where my mouth is. I mean it’s too good of a deal to pass up, especially on a pair of shoes I already know I’ll like. Oh, and I own a pair of Teva Kimtah mids, very similar to the Raith III, and I love how comfortable they are as well.

ATTENTION: for anyone considering the “dark shadow” color. I just received these in the “dark shadow” color and they are “much darker” than what’s shown. I mentioned previously I ordered these in “bungee cord” and received the “exact” color Woot shows. But that’s NOT the case with the “dark shadow” color! You can see the “exact” color of the dark shadow I received HERE. I really like the bungee cord color, but I also went with it because I didn’t quite like how light the grey appeared on the dark shadow. But knowing how good a deal these are and, once I found how comfortable these felt, I decided to order the dark shadow anyway. So, them being much darker than Woot’s photo is a great plus for me, but may not be if you want or expect the lighter ones shown.

I purchased these about a month ago for the winter months.
The snow has finally made its appearance and these were placed on my feet. Out into the snow and ice i went. These are great on ice and very comfortable on my feet. Smiling I dredged through the snow knowing I was not going to fall on my A**.
I love these and would highly recommend them and I will definitely purchase them again.