Men's RAITH III MID WP, 2 Colors

feedback on line says they run small. Anybody have any experience with these that can confirm or deny that?

I own more shoes than any one man should have and probably have at least one or two pair from most every brand. I “generally” wear a U.S. Std. size 10 with few exceptions, but Teva is one of those exceptions. With Teva I usually end up buying a 9 to 9-1/2, so does that mean they run large? I mean, if they ran small, wouldn’t I need to buy a size bigger than my normal 10? I do however find Teva does tend to run the slightest bit narrow. That is, when I find the smallest size in Teva that provides enough length, the width is a bit narrower than most other shoes I own. But I buy everything online, that way I get the largest selection of shoes at the best prices. However the only way I’ve found to buy online reliably is to measure my feet and use the length of the longest one to size my shoes. My longest foot is 10-1/2" long and Teva says their size 9 is for those whose foot is 10-5/8". But, again, I take that as my size without allowing for socks, or at least mid-weight socks. So in these I would, and in the Raith III’s I did, order a size 10 because Teva says that’s for someone whose foot is 11" long. I found the extra 1/2" to be perfect, allowing me to wear mid-weight socks and get a little more width as well. But I take a Teva size 9 in sandals because socks don’t come into play. I currently own 15 pair of … strike that, 16 pair of Teva, today I bought my second pair of the Raith III low wp’s. I bought them the last time Woot offered them in the bungee cord and man, are they comfortable. And for a shoe junkie like me, these prices are too good to pass up so I ordered the dark shadow as well. I mean I already know I’ll like the shoe. I own the Teva Kimtah mids, very similar to these, and find them very comfortable which surprised me because I have large ankle bones and, for that reason, shy away from higher types of shoes. Well, if you’ve read this far I’m sure by now you regret asking for input on these but as I said … I’m a shoe junkie so I had to figure out the best way to buy online reliably. Due to selection and pricing, online is the shoe junkie’s candy store. Anyway, I really hope you found something in all this that may help. Good luck!

I got a pair of Teva’s from Woot about two years ago that are just about just like these. I have to agree that these run small, well maybe not really small but agree with the other comment that that they are narrow. I mostly wear a men’s 12 and I got a 12 but I can not wear the normal thick cotton socks with them . I have to wear a thinner cotton sock. I do not agree that they run BIG. Very comfortable and well made.

I just received a pair and would strongly suggest going a half size larger.