Men's Rings

Every time I see these sales I get excited, and then immediately get sad because my husband wears a size 8.

why? goolge Steeltime ring you can find the rings for 2$-10$ more every where (12-22)

As a chick who loves men’s rings, these deals always make me sad too. I wear a 5.5 ring finger and a 7 thumb ring. A nine isn’t hitting anywhere near close to that. And of course I can get things from other places, but I like getting things from Woot. It’s beyond the deal. It’s the community.

I’ve seen a bunch of cheap ones on Amazon, but most of the time they have a least a few bad reviews/pictures of broken rings. I’ve also seen them on other random sites, but I guess I don’t really branch out further than woot and Amazon. =/

Have a bunch of these from Tanga and a few other sites. I have titanium, tungsten and stainless steel.

Titanium is light, very light, feels like plastic and scratches very easily but is very hard to break.

Tungsten is heavy, feels significant, does not scratch, but apparently can shatter if you really hit it.

Stainless is like more like tungsten than titanium, heavier, more scratch resistant, but not as much as tungsten.

Do any of these rings go up to a size 16?

If you don’t see sizes listed in the features or specs, can you link me to the one(s) you’re interested in?