Men's Rings

I’ve always wondered: why are Onyx or other black stones always used for Men’s rings? It’s so bland.

Social norms dictate dudes shouldn’t wear pretty stuff. Not many fellas would buy pretty jewelry, so there’s not a big market for it. Therefore, you see fewer options on the market.

Dang! I was hoping they would have a nice “Fo Finger” Ring in time for the Playa’s Ball.

I cry “FOUL”! They never have these in my size. I do not have overly large hands by any means but I need a 15 and the largest these things ever come in is 12. I cannot help it if My Mother came from large stock.

Bummer! {sticking out lower lip} {goes into corner to sit and sulk}

Black diamonds used to be called bort and used solely for industrial purposes. Now due to the wonders of marketing, what used to be near junk is now so desirable for jewelry that they need to simulate them. Yep, even swampland in Florida is worth money THESE days. Now if I could turn my cat into a celebrity, perhaps I can market his used litter.

Check out - I’ve gotten some cool tungsten rings from them, dirt cheap too.

I’m from toidy, toid and toid ave. So which one of dem rings would make de best “Pinky” ring? If yous don’t know, den fuggedaboudit.

My son is also named Bort!

We need more Bort license plates!

Don’t trust it guys, these are crafted by Sauron you will turn into a demontor.

I must concur! For “Men’s” rings there certainly seems to be a severe lack of manly sizes available. Most guys I know start with ring sizes around 12 and go up. Not cool.

I came to the men’s ring sale because they never have my size (11) in women’s rings. Some of these are available only in size 5-9. Size 5 is too small for even my 10-year-old daughter! What man has hands that small? I guess that’s why these are on Woot cheap.