Men's Robe and Slipper Gift Set - 3 Colors

Men’s Robe and Slipper Gift Set - 3 Colors
Price: $25.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New


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Men’s Robe and Slipper Gift Set - 3 Colors
Price: $25.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Are all the slippers grey?

No, the carpet matches the drapes. What you are seeing is a transparent overlay on the webpage that is making the slippers appear gray.

I get the generic ‘one size fits’ “all” for the robes but what size are the slippers??!?

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I don’t get how you can do one size fits all for slippers. Does anyone understand how they intend for that to work?

Most other sites list it also as “one size” fits all. According to other sites most sizes seem to fit nicely.
One review on Amazon seemed to report that a size 12 or up might be too tight a shoe size.

how would this fit a fat man? size 50 pants, 6’1" 3XL shirts?

Not one word anyplace in the copy that I was able to find regarding the size of this robe!! If the slender model in the pictures were an airplane, he would be known as a DC 8. But some of us are a little more “round”, with big bones and a little more meat on those bones and if we were airplanes, we would be known as a wide body 747. So, why Woot can you not just say, this robe is just for thin, slender men…all lard arses need not apply?

Anyone who claims that “One size fits all” should be boiled in rancid oil, starting at room temperature.

Do you have to bleach your lower legs and feet to fit into the airbrushed slippers?

And should it not say “one size fits MOST”? Some us with the Lardache look are gonna get what’ll turn out to be a snuggie.

No way. I bought two pairs of Muk Luks here. I wear size 12, so I ordered 13. Way too tight, hurt my feet. Plus A link directed to the website that show they are made in USA. Nope, china.

You would thought that being bought by Amazon that the morons that run woot would actually run it.
1, Slippers one size fit all, don’t know, spec’s don’t say S&it.
2. Robes are one size too people are tall, small, fat, and skinny. So obvious these are a cheap Chinese ripoffs.

I wouldn’t be too harsh on the Chinese. After all, they are an absolutely huge work force who are quite happy to work for peanuts, relative our pay status.
What’s more, it is NOT the Chinese who are twisting the “American arm” to make us buy, but rather the American Businessman who has blazed the way telling the Chinese factories what to make, how to make it, what color and what sizes. So if you must point a finger of blame, at least put the blame where it belongs…with the American entrepreneur.

I bought this 5 years ago and cant live without them.
Is time to get a new pair. (hope the shoes are good too)

Sounds like you have been bought…

Slippers without backs on them are utterly useless and a waste of fabric. Next.

If you must make outlandish remarks like above, let it all hang out and say exactly what’s on your mind. After all, no one’s going to bite you.