Men's Rubber Bracelets

Are these a one size fits all or adjustable?

I’m not sure if these are more or less silly than the Powerbands. Grandma, please don’t buy me these for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Macho men’s manly-man rubber bracelets.

Hmmm… Please leave off my Christmas list also…

Though, thinking about it… If you buy three, they are a hundred bucks normally, That’s just like having some Woot-guy hand you (approx.) $270!! Gosh!!!

At first I thought they were dog collars. Wonder if these can be linked together.

Wow, GENUINE rubber!!! Put one of these on and people will know you’ve arrived (and just came from Walmart).

I’m in for none.

Really odd.

Came to the discussion boards to see…

OK, good - so it’s not just me.

Not sure if it’s worth the extra hit points. I might even lose some…

Curse you, Lance Armstrong!