Men's Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie

Men's Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie

Please get your copywriters educated.

The man’s name was Tenzing Norgay and if you are going to try to impress people with esoteric knowledge, you should at least try to spell it right, FFS.

That said, these look REALLY comfy and warm. May need to snag one.

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Weird sizing.

With a 52" chest, I usually get an XXL, but I’d have to get a 4XL and it still wouldn’t fit right.

And check out the length…
Small 26"
Medium 27"
Large 28"
XL 28.5"
2XL 29"
all cool so far, but then…
3XL 28.5"
4XL 29"

Ok, I get that the multi-XL sizes are probably more about girth than freakish height, but why is the 3XL shorter than the 2XL?

Yeah they look comfy, but it don’t fit right, it’s not going to be actually comfy.

4/5 stars at Amazon

i agree. i got 3 of these last time they were on and they run at least 2 sizes small. i wear a 3x but can fit a 2x and these i could not even get my arms in to try to get them on. gave them to a homeless shelter

Can someone please tell me how I log in with my Amazon Prime. I am stymied!

When you check out click on chechout with prime. Just like you would use PayPal.

That alone just changed my mind about buying a couple.
If I can’t accurately pick a size, why would I spend money on it?

They do suggest buying a size up for a “generous” (read as normal if you;re not a 17 year old with skinny arms) fit.

And maybe they have the “length” and “arm length” reversed. I usually wear a large, looks like I’d need an X-large here, but no way are my arms 35" long! I’m fairly normally proportioned, and from the tippy tip of my fingers to the center of my neck is only 31".

Is the fleece in the sleeves or are the smooth?

Makes a difference when wearing long sleeved shirts.

The fleece are poly lined, they are not lined with actual sherpa fleece because if they were it would be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to remove the hoodie when your wearing something under it.

The sleeve lengths are measured from the center of the back ( right below the hoodie) until the end of the sleeve cuff.

Just got mine in, my normal hoodie is XL, so I got the XXL, it’s probably just a tad smaller than my XL. (I usually wear a Large t-shirt) Warm though, not bad for $18.

I got a 3x. It’s snug, which surprised me. Also the zipper’s on the left instead of the right, which I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to. It’s toasty though.

Ordered a size up for the bf, just arrived today. Tried it on since I read the comments after I ordered. This fits like a women’s size, not a men’s at all. Way too big for me, way too small for him. Crazy comfy so if they show up again, I will be ordering 1 for each of us in the correctly incorrect sizes. Making a note here that only the body and hood are lined in fleece; arms are not (which I’m happy about).

I got the model 1 and it just came in. Hands down the worst sweatshirt I have ever owned. The sleeves are lined with nylon and the zipper catches constantly. You can’t feel the fleece unless you’re not wearing a shirt under it. The brand is “Bellpepper,” not Galaxy or whatever that other one is. Would not recommend.