Men's Smith and Wesson 2.0 Breach Boots

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Men’s Smith and Wesson 2.0 Breach Boots
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7/20/2017 - $44.99

It hard enough to walk barefoot in the sand at the breach why would I wear these boots ?

I bought a pair of these the last time around, to wear while riding my motorcycle. They are lightweight and durable. I would easily recommend them. It would be great if there were color options.

Are these really waterproof? The side zip with lace adjustability seems like an ideal boot for me.

Do these fit true to size, or do they run small, anyone know?

Over at Amazon there are a lot of reviews saying they aren’t waterproof and they don’t hold up

I bought a pair last time around, too. Fit true to size for me (10.5W). I did not go to the breach in them, so I don’t know if they’ll keep out the tide, but they were waterproof enough to step into muddy puddles setting up camp without getting my feet wet. I have a few minor nitpicks (zipper doesn’t loosen them enough to take them off without also untying them for me, for example) but for the price (and I bought them for $10 more) I can’t really complain.

What is the caliber of these boots (.22, .45,.38)?

The perfect way to top off your survivalist army-man LARPing outfit for your next playdate!

Looking for a good, affordable motorcycle boot. Does this boot have good ankle support and enough protection for motorcycle riding? I’m reluctant to buy unless I’m sure since woot doesn’t accept returns unless items are defective.

I bought these last time around and wear them for a number of purposes, including MC riding. They are surprisingly comfortable and seem waterproof so far. The are not as confidence inspiring as my Sidi boots but still pretty good.

Most reviews I’ve seen indicate that, while not quite waterproof, they are pretty water resistant.Enough for a walk on a rainy trail, but I wouldn’t go puddle jumping in them.

Has anyone here actually walked in these boots on a round earth, you know since the earth is flat!!!

(Backs away slowly)…