Men's SS Patterned Dress Shirts

The color Mint Navy is shown in the pictures but not in the drop-down list.


sorry. Turns out we didn’t get that color after all. Photo removed.

How do these “fit”? I see they are slim fit, but compared to other shirts, etc… is a medium a true medium? etc.

They run slightly on the small side…slim fit to me means the waist part of the shirt being tapered but these in Medium were tight in the shoulders and I am usually a typical Medium.
Large is often loose on me but probably would’ve been perfect. The 5 I bought are going to my 16yo son who is about 5’10" and #155

Quality respectable enough for the $11.99 price I assume? how’s the material feel?

Question about the size also. Chest of 40" on the size chart for small doesn’t sound even close to a small in most shirts. Also, how’s the length? Slim fits are usually a little longer…

Thanks for the detailed info!

Does the shirt have a pocket? It’s hard to tell in the picture.

Checked with vendor. They do have pockets.

These are the garment measurements , not the customer chest measurements , so if your normally a 38” chest size then you would probably fit best in a small, the extra 2 inches is to account for the space all around your chest between your body and the shirt.