Men's Stone Washed Jeans 2-Pack

Just received these from my order and the waist was way too big. I wear a 38 waist in just about everything and while these say they’re 38 on the tag, they’re probably closer to 40 or even 42. Other than that, the quality seemed fine at first glance, the material is nice and a tiny bit on the thicker side, but pretty soft and smooth to the touch. Gonna return these big ones and order some 36s to see how those work out.

Why do you include jeans, shirts, and other items in the “Sports & Outdoors” section? This is like the old “one of these things doesn’t belong” skit I used to see as a kid on PBS.

PS: Free S$H via Amazon Prime is EXCELLENT!!!

Probably because most nations have laws that like you to wear clothing outdoors, and well, this is clothing and the category is outdoors? >.>

length please?